About Business Connections

24-Hour Telephone Receptionist

Picture the Scene: A potential client calls your company. You’re on another phone call or out of the office and a Receptionist from Business Connections greets your caller from our Call Center. “Good Morning, Your Company Name, how may I help you?” All the information that you supply us about your company instantly appears on our computer screen, exactly how to answer, what information to take, what information to give out and how to handle your calls. We’re Web enabled and can access your website to assist your caller. We can instantly send this entire text message to your cellular phone. Push a button and read everything that we’ve typed in. When you’re ready to return the phone call simply press “Send” to speak with the caller. We’ll also e-mail a copy of the message to your office e-mail just in case you want to print a hard copy.

Voice Mail with 24-Hour Telephone Receptionist

One of our most popular and affordable services is voice mail with operator assistance. With our voice mail system, your callers can press zero and be transferred to one of our telephone receptionists – 24 hours a day!

Text Messaging

Would you like to hear the good news about text messaging to your cellular phone (i.e. Apple I-Phone or Blackberry)?  Or should we spell it out for you…just push a button and read!  Instead of picking up a phone and calling in to pick up your messages, you can receive messages via your Smart Mobile Phone (i.e. Apple I-Phone, Blackberry or Android).


We have won awards for Excellence and Outstanding International Service for SIXTEEN consecutive years. An independent panel of judges scored call-handling skills such as courtesy, response time, accuracy and overall service to their clients. The judges awarded the Diamond Plus Award for Seventeen consecutive years of excellent service.  ATSI extends its congratulations to the staff at Business Connections on their proven quality 24 hour Live Answering Services to their customers.


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