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“Most new clients originate from a telephone call”

Studies have proven that your Law Firm’s most important asset is the telephone and the person greeting the caller.  Studies have also shown that most people end up choosing the first professional company they end up talking with.  If you’re meeting with a client, traveling in an air-plane, taking a shower, having dinner with your loved ones, etc… Business Connections Receptionists are ready to greet your callers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Potential new clients are the lifeblood of a growing Law firm.  Did you know that we can warm transfer (Direct Connect) potential new clients, calls from Judge’s quarters or court to your mobile phone?  After we greet the caller and get some basic information, if the call meets your criteria as an urgent call we will say to the caller “One moment please.  I am going to see if Mr./Ms. ____ is available to talk with you.”  We place the caller on hold, then speed dial your mobile phone.  When you answer, we provide this basic information to you and ask you if we can connect the caller to you.  If you say yes, the caller is connected and you turn this telephone call into a new client.  While you’re getting details from this new client, your precious dollars in advertising, education, training and state of art live telephone answering service continue to provide a very high rate of return on your investment.

For routine calls that don’t meet your urgent criteria, the Business Connections Receptionist will email a detailed message to you.  In addition to an email, we can also send a text to your mobile phone and you can choose to respond immediately or at your convenience.  The Receptionist can also offer the caller your voicemail… “I can take a message or would you prefer Mr./Ms. ____ confidential voicemail?”  The caller will hear a greeting that we record for you or the recording can be in your voice.  After the caller has left their confidential message in voicemail, you will receive an email with an attachment.  From your computer or smart mobile phone double click the attachment and over the speakers you will hear the message.

Business will continue to go where invited and remain where appreciated.  For more information call 866-601-6115 or click

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