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Articulate. If you mumble or slur words, the important points that you are trying to make can get lost. Worse, people will tune you out.

Vary your tone. Nothing numbs listeners more than a person who speaks monotone. Project your voice as clearly and strongly as possible. Learn to use pitch variation, while accenting your power words. This helps keep callers involved and interested in what you have to say.

Use the right tempo. Don’t speak in a slow, drawn-out manner. The speed of speech affects how your message is interpreted. Talk fast when you want to convey excitement or urgency, then slow down when you want your words to sink in.

Control your volume. Project your voice so that people can hear you easily. Don’t shout or whisper, but do raise and lower your voice when you want to emphasize certain words or concepts.

Get rid of speaking crutches. Avoid punctuating sentences with you know, like, uh, really, kind of and other fillers. The pattern becomes tiresome to listeners and makes the speaker seem unprepared.

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