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Award Winning Business Telephone Answering Service, Helping Businesses Since 1949!

NO Set-up Fee, NO Deposit.
Service can be activated in ONE business day!

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business telephone answering service

A Fraction of the Cost of a Full-Time Receptionist

(+ an added bonus)

Business Connections is staffed 24/7/365

  • No Lunch Hour
  • No Vacation
  • No Coffee Breaks
  • No Sick Days
  • No Health Insurance
  • No Drama

We can get you started today for as little as $95/month!

How It Works

At Business Connections we help you grow your business with friendly, professional receptionists.

the phone rings and you miss the call

Your incoming calls ring for 3 rings, if you or your staff are unable to answer, the call will automatically “roll over” to a Business Telephone Answering Service Receptionist, but your customers will never know the difference -OR- if you prefer, your incoming calls go straight to a Business Connections Receptionist

friendly greeting

A polite and professional Business Connections Receptionist answers with the greeting of your choice, personalized for your business

warm transfer

We can warm transfer callers directly to you, take a message, hand-off to voicemail, and more. All customized by you for your business.

get the message

Your messages can be emailed, text to your mobile phone or faxed….all for a Fraction of the Cost of hiring an employee, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Allow us to perform 24-hour service for a fraction of the cost of you hiring an employee

What We Offer

At Business Connections we help you grow your business with friendly, professional receptionists.

Text Alerts

Instantly receive messages via text to your phone. After reading the message, tap the number on the screen and you will be connected to the caller.

Transcribed Messages

We’ll email a copy of the message to you just in case you want to print a hard copy.

Call Transfer Options

If the call is ugent (i.e. Potential New Client, Judges Quarters Calling, Client Emergency, etc), we can Direct Connect or Warm Transfer the caller to your mobile phone.

Emailed Voicemail

From your computer or smart mobile phone just click the audio attachment and over the speakers you will hear the caller’s message.

Live Receptionist

We’re real people and are equipped to answer questions, handle urgent calls and get a name and number from someone who might hang up on a machine.

Part Time to Full Time

We offer as much or as little phone coverage as you need to help your business grow. We’ve been providing 24/7 service since 1949.

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