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Veterinary Telephone Answering Service

When you are a veterinary practitioner, your love of animals often sees you go way beyond the call of duty. But, even when you work hard to treat your clients and their pets with the utmost respect, things can still go wrong. The happier your customers are, the more clients you will get. And, this can put a lot of pressure on your phone services.

 And, it could end up with leaving potential customers looking elsewhere for treatment for their pets.

If this sounds familiar, perhaps a live telephone answering service might be the perfect solution. If your phone lines are always busy, or you are always treating your client’s pets, you might be missing out. And that’s where us here at Business Connections can step in and help.

Our Answering Services

At Business Connections, we believe that the high demand for your veterinary service shouldn’t be punished. But, when your phones are always ringing, that’s what happens. A missed call could be from a client with an emergency, who could take their business elsewhere. Your customer might not have the time to leave a message, due to concern for their beloved pet. And, when you experience super busy periods, you can’t afford to let your customer service slip.

With veterinary telephone answering service, we can take all that potential pain away from you and your hard working reception staff. We understand that offering exceptional care for animals is the most important part of your business. But, fielding calls and providing the best customer service are a close second. From the second a client calls your practice, your professional reputation has to shine through. And, it has to remain constant throughout your relationship.

Our People and Systems

To providing our customers veterinary telephone answering service, we only hire the best people with high levels of experience and take the time to understand what makes your veterinary practice tick. Our operators will be able to act as if they are sitting there in your office. Your clients will not even know the difference.

Our systems help us let you know about calls via any medium you need, from ancient fax machines, through to emails and text messages. We can assist you in an endless number of ways. We can help you create your appointment schedule, for example. Or, we can forward emergency calls that can’t wait, and treat your clients with respect and the sensitivity they deserve.

We use HIPAA compliant system because we take privacy very seriously – as, we imagine, you do, too. And, our systems are always on, around the clock – and we have backup generators for emergencies, too.

Our Reputation

Your reputation is our priority – and it gives us our reputation, too. That’s why we have been a trusted business answering service since 1949. That’s why our customers provide us with a 4.9 out of 5 satisfaction rating. And that’s why we believe that if you need our services, you will be equally impressed.

So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way of boosting your business offering and giving your clients more, why not get in touch? Our most popular plans range $45 to $250 Per Month. For a detailed price quotation Call 1-866-601-6115 and ask for Dirk or Stuart Moeller.

We Care About Our Customers

Excellent customer service is our goal for you and your clients – every single time we answer the phone. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

Let’s Work Together!

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