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Live 24/7 Law Firm & Attorney Answering Service

If you are wondering, why to choose our Attorney Answering Services for law firm, then here is the answer. Because we provide an unmatched value to any law firm out there. Our Telephone Receptionists will answer questions, handle urgent calls, and even elicit a caller’s name and phone number from a person who might hang up on a machine. 

Our polite, professional & highly effective receptionists work for you with no sick days, no lunch hour, no vacations, no coffee breaks, no health insurance and no drama for you to worry about. 

We are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Lost Client: A potential new client calls your office. You’re in a meeting, at the court house or talking on the telephone.  After being greeted by a recording they hang-up and call another attorney. Contacting an attorney for the first time is a very emotional and stressful time for non-attorney’s. Your precious dollars in advertising, education, training and state of the art equipment continue to be under-utilized.

How to Get Clients: New clients are the Life-Blood of a growing law firm. The potential new client then calls a different attorney.  Your competition is also out of the office, but when the phone rings it’s answered by a cheerful, professional receptionist. “Law Office of _______. This is ______. How may I help you?” The key word is help. After this friendly person answers, she obtains the caller’s name, telephone number and brief message. Next, She calls your mobile phone and provides you with a 5 to 10 word “Snap-Shot” of the potential new client call. With your permission, she then presses a button on her computer keyboard and the caller is connected to you…the legal expert. Together we (you the legal expert + Business Connections receptionist), just turned a caller into a NEW Client. While many Law offices hide behind voicemail and email, you can beat the competition by responding to potential new client calls immediately.

All of the information that you supply us about your law firm instantly appears on our computer screen; exactly how to answer, what information to take, what information to give out and how to handle your calls.

Instantly receive messages via text message to your mobile phone. After reading the message, tap the telephone number on the screen and you will be connected to the caller.

We’ll also email a copy of the message to your office just in case you want to save a copy in your clients file. If the call is urgent (i.e. potential new client, Judges Quarters Calling, Court, etc…), we direct connect the caller to your mobile phone.

We’re web enabled and can access your website to assist your callers.

We can “Hand-Off” callers to your confidential voicemail… “I can take a message, or would you prefer his/her confidential voicemail?” You will receive an email with an attachment. From your computer or smart mobile phone DOUBLE CLICK the attachment and over the speakers you will hear the caller’s message.

Let’s face it, your advertising dollars work 24 hours a day. Why not have your potential clients greeted 24 hours a day? If you want to start growing your law practice call Business Connections at 1-866-601-6115.

How an Attorney Answering Service Works for Legal Firms?

So, just how does our service work? The process is quite simple and easy to set up. In fact, it can all get summed up in just three simple steps:

Step One

You forward your inbound telephone calls to a dedicated number that we provide you.

Step Two

Our telephone receptionists will greet your callers in a polite and professional manner. Thanks to the technology we’ve invested in, your callers will assume that we work for you in your office.

Step Three

The receptionist will gather information from the caller and relay the message to you via email and/or text message. However, if the call meets your criteria as being urgent (i.e. potential new client, Judges Quarters, Court, etc…), the receptionist will direct connect the caller to your mobile phone.

Why You Need an Exceptional Law Firm call Answering Service

New clients are the life blood of a growing Law Firm. One might assume that the simplest solution is to just set up voicemail service on your office phone lines. Unfortunately, facts are stubborn and it’s been proven that people will likely hang-up on a machine when facing an emotional issue. If a potential new client calls, it could be that “Case of a Lifetime” and they might keep calling law offices until they reach a friendly voice who can connect them to a legal expert. One quality call that we help convert to a new client will pay the answering service fee for months and sometime years in the future. Business Connections receptionists know the industry well. Our most popular plans range from $45 to $250 per month. 

Answers to Your Questions

Does it have the ability to transfer new Legal Answering client callers to me?

Yes! If a new client is trying to call you, we will ask for his/her name, phone number, and the reason for their call, before placing them on a brief hold while we attempt to get you on the line.

Why would I hire Attorney Answering Service when I have staff?

Attorney Answering Service provides support on the 3rd and 4th ring, after you miss the call in your office. This is great insurance for any law firm, as your receptionist might be out for the day, on a break, in the bathroom, or on another call! Answering Legal can help you on a rollover basis by answering only the calls that you miss, which can capture you new business at a fraction of the cost!

How is Legal Answering Service different from receiving an alert from a voicemail?

Legal Answering Service is only similar to a voicemail in that, we answer only after you have missed the call, and you get your messages instantly, as soon as the call has ended! Instead of your callers hanging up on a voicemail, which 80% do, they will be greeted by a live legal intake receptionist!

Does it charge extra for each Attorney Answering Service?

No! Every premium Attorney Answering Service is included with an account. We never charge you extra to provide our unmatched services.

Does it have the ability to send Law Firm Answering Service messages to multiple people?

Yes. We can send out as many or as few Law Firm Answering Service messages as you would like. If specific people need to receive messages about different types of calls, we can easily set up the protocols that will deliver the right message to the right person in your office, every time.

What can a Law Firm Answering Service do for me that my voicemail cannot?

A Law Firm Answering Service can perform all the duties of a legal receptionist, and captures new business exceedingly better than a voicemail system. Since new clients usually have urgent matters, forbes magazine has shown 80% of callers do not leave a voicemail, and will therefore hang up on your voicemail and look for representation elsewhere. It can catch you new business even when you miss the call!

We Care About Our Customers

Excellent customer service is our goal for you and your clients – every single time we answer the phone. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

Let’s Work Together!

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