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Consultant Telephone Answering Service

As a consultant, what’s the number one thing you do in your business that makes you the most money? We’re betting it isn’t answering the telephone and fielding calls from potential customers. Sure, we get that answering the phone might open up doors for consulting opportunities – and it’s the lifeblood of your business. But for every hot lead, there are nine or ten calls from existing customers and non-critical inquiries.

Now, imagine what you could if you had a PA. All that time fielding calls and talking to people will be in the hands of a professional live answering service, freeing up your time.

And, that is the time you can spend consulting in the field, earning you money. Except, of course, you don’t have to hire a full-time PA.

Our Solution

We offer fantastic answering services to consultants of all kinds. We know how important each phone call is to your business. And, we have the skills you need to ensure your customer service remains at spectacular levels. And, our clients agree with us, too – they rate as at 4.9 out of 5 for excellence Consultant Telephone Answering Service.

We put a lot of time and effort finding the right personalities for our business, to make sure that the right people are working for you. With our Consultant telephone answering service, you’ll never have to miss a call again, and we handle everything in a professional, customer focused way.

We’re on hand every day – even outside of office business hours if needs be. If your clients are annoyed with never being able to get hold of you, those days are over. We take the calls, will inform you when something important comes up, and report back when you want us to.

How We Do It

Our state of the art business answering service equipment lets us take calls promptly, and answer as if we are part of your company. Your customers will assume they are talking to a PA or receptionist sitting in your offices. You will benefit from a glossier professional sheen.

We can take messages, forward them, and send you texts, use secure messaging, faxes or email – however you want it. Your customer’s privacy and needs are just as important to us as your business.

We’re always on, too. We have sophisticated backup equipment that helps us achieve what we need. Our generators let us keep operating through the smallest power cut to the biggest natural disaster. Our call quality is excellent, thanks to our noise cancelling headsets and mics.

Join Business Connections Answering Service

Think you can benefit from having a PA, without the full-time employment costs? Then contact us at Business Connections and talk to us about what we can do. If you are tired of missing calls and losing out on business deals, you should give us a try. We’ll help ensure that you never miss another opportunity again. And, of course, you can concentrate on making the money for your consultancy business, without the distraction of your phone.

Your business is our business, so let us represent you in the best light possible. Our most popular plans range from $45 to $250 Per Month. For a detailed price quotation Call 1-866-601-6115 and ask for Dirk or Stuart Moeller.

We Care About Our Customers

Excellent customer service is our goal for you and your clients – every single time we answer the phone. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

Let’s Work Together!

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