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Mental Health Telephone Answering Service

As a mental health practitioner, getting a phone call from a potential patient is a vital part of the referral process. You understand the guts it takes to pick up the phone and recognize there’s a problem. You know that it might have taken weeks of deliberation for a caller to have reached out for help. And, you are aware of the need to take that call in a sensitive and caring manner. But – what happens if you aren’t there and don’t pick up? If someone calls you during the day, there’s a good chance that you will be with another patient. You won’t be able to answer the call for help, period.
Whenever anyone calls you about mental health issues, they need to know they will have someone on the other end of the line. It’s not sufficient to leave them hanging with voicemail – and that’s where us at Business Connections come in to offer Mental Health Telephone Answering Service. We will answer your calls in a sensitive way, and give your patients the dignity they deserve. They need to speak with a real human being – and that’s what we will give them. We understand the importance of patient confidentiality, and we know how to take sensitive calls. And, we have the right teams in place to help you out. Here’s how we do it.

Excellent Customer Service

Because of the extra sensitivity required for mental health phone calls, we put a premium on our levels of customer service. We can schedule appointments for you, field question calls, and let you know if there is an urgent or emergency call to make. We’ll help build your reputation as a professional, sensitive, and courteous service. And, of course, we will always be there so that you never miss out on a prospective client. When you work in mental health, so much of your time is spent in a patient-facing environment. Let us take care of the rest of your communication through Mental Health Telephone Answering Service.

The Best People

We are particular in who we hire to work for us – and many of our receptionists have been with us for years. They understand the need for sensitivity, professionalism and privacy just as much as we do. Our rigorous hiring process is the perfect screen for the best employees, and it’s something you can benefit from by signing up with us. Our agents will speak to you about what you need, and form the perfect plan for your mental health service model. And, once everything is setup, it will feel like you have a new team on board.

Let’s Work Together!

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