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We serve New York too

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Hello New York. Our company has many happy clients in your area. When anyone calls your company, we can pick up that call using our professional team. All the information that you supply us about your firm instantly appears on our computer screen, exactly how to answer, what information to take, what information to give out, and how to handle your calls.

* We’re web enabled and can access your website to assist your caller.

* We can instantly send the entire text message to your cellular phone. Your cellular phone will silently vibrate or beep. You push a button and read everything that we’ve typed in. When you’re ready to return the phone call simply press “send” on your phone and you’re connected to the caller.

* We’ll also e-mail a copy of the message to your office just in case you want to print a hard copy.

* If the call is urgent, we can contact on-call staff at home or by cellular phone.

Lets face it, your advertising dollars work 24 hours a day. Why not have your potential clients greeted 24 hours a day?

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