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Picture the Scene:  A potential client calls your company.  You’re out of the office.  After staying on the telephone while listening to a recording, they hang up and dial your competitor.  You have just witnessed a classic marketing disaster.  This lost client needed your services so much that he attempted to personally contact you!  In the meantime, your precious dollars in advertising, education, training and state-of-the-art equipment continue to be under-utilized.

Back to the Scene:  This potential client then calls the competitor.  The competitor is also out of the office, but when the phone rings it’s answered (even though it’s 8 PM on a Saturday) by a cheerful, professional person.  “Thank you for calling _____ company.  How may I help you?”  The key word is help.  After this friendly person answers a few questions, she gets the caller’s name, telephone number and brief message. The competitor just turned a potential client into a real client.

Secret #1 to outselling your competition:  Hire Business Connections 24-hour award winning call answering service for business to greet your callers when you’re in a meeting or out of the office.

Secret #2:  The first person to talk with a prospect usually makes the sale.  Here’s how you’ll impress your clients…after our receptionist has completed taking the message, she enters another keystroke and sends a text message to your mobile phone. Your mobile phone will beep or silently vibrate and the complete message will scroll across the screen. “ZAP” you have your detailed message on the screen of your phone.  You don’t even need to write anything because the entire message is displayed on your mobile phone.  If urgent, act immediately. If not, respond at your convenience.  Remember that old saying your Grandpa and favorite teacher always used “The Early Bird Catches the Worm”.  This same logic applies to today’s demanding consumer.  While Large Corporations and Big Government Agencies are hiding behind voice mail jail and the internet, you can beat the competition by responding to new sales and service calls immediately by getting business telephone answering services today. In Down Hill Skiing or the 100 yard dash, what’s the difference between winning a Gold Medal vs. Silver Medal? You only have to be a little faster to win the Gold Medal.

How it works:  The world never stops moving but that does not mean you do not deserve to have time away from work. While you may not be in the office 24/7, the opportunity for business never stops. Whether your client needs to cancel an appointment, is having an emergency, or the caller offers potential new business, it is vital for a successful company to be reachable and responsive at all times. With complete Business Answering Service, we make this possible. No matter the time or day, our receptionists
will answer the phone whether you are out of the office or simply unable to come to the phone at the moment. Your callers will be pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a real person rather than an unhelpful recorded message. You decide how the phone is answered, what information is taken down, and what details are given out to the caller. A short message is taken down and upon your preference can be emailed, sent via text message, or the caller can even be connected directly to you on another phone line. We personalize your account, catering to your business’ needs. Our receptionists give the impression that they are working directly from your office, allowing your customers to gain reassurance that their call is important and action is being taken immediately. With the ability to filter out what qualifies as an urgent message to your company, we ensure that your time off is not interrupted with unnecessary calls. With Business answering service, you no longer have to worry about missing
important business while away. With nearly 20 years as an international award winning answering company, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

How long does it take for your business answering service to go live?

The time for setting up and implementing business answering service will vary from one day to one week. Your specific requirements which include the extent of the training plan and application integration requirement impact the time it will take for the service to go live.

How quickly does your business answering service answer my calls?

We maintain a service level of 90 percent – you can be assured within three to four rings 90 percent of the calls will be answered. As part of our process, we analyze call handling on an hourly basis, every day. Business Connection will make all the necessary adjustments to maintain the highest quality for your business answering service.

What are the options for receiving messages from your business answering service after taking a membership?

We offer you several options. You can customize the business answering service to receive messages in a specific way. You have the choice of text, email, call or account log-in.

What makes Business Connections different from other business answering services?

We have more than 15 years of experience in providing customer communication solutions. Over the years, we have offered our services to companies across a plethora of industries. You can count on our cutting-edge infrastructure and integrated technologies to support your business. Additionally, all agents of Business Connection participate in ongoing training to keep them up to date and offer you efficient services with the latest technology.

Rest assured, we will treat each of your customers as if they are our clients. Our extensive training will work to deliver exceptional service standards to your customers.

Is your business answering service effective for a small business?

Businesses of all sizes can enjoy the effective services of our Business Answering Service. We are successfully offering our services to self-employed professionals such as estate agents, accountants, IFAs and individual tradesmen. Regardless of the number of employees, your business can greatly benefit from the thorough and efficient services we offer. We are here to help give the impression of a large business by ensuring you never miss a new business enquiry or client call.

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