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Today I received a call from an existing client who uses 24 hour Telephone Answering Service.  He has 3 phone lines in his office.  If one of the lines is in use the 2nd & 3rd calls will “Hunt” to the next available line.  In the event any call goes unanswered, after the 3rd ring it will automatically Call Forward to Business Connections 24 hour Call Center.  The client has a phone compnay feature called “Call Forward Don’t Answer” installed on ALL 3 phone lines.  The client also has “Call Forward Busy” installed on his 3rd phone line.

With “Call Forwarding Busy/Don’t Answer” calls are automatically transferred to Business Connections when all of your lines are busy, or after a preset number of rings.

(+) Everything is automatic. You never need to activate or deactivate Call Forwarding. If all of your lines are in use, calls will be transferred to Business Connections.

(–) Unanswered calls will ring 3 to 4 rings at your office before transferring to Business Connections.

(+) A great safety feature in the event of a problem at your location (i.e. power outage, flood or fire).

PLEASE NOTE – When ording this feature, please confirm with your phone company representative that Call Forward Don’t Answer is installed on ALL 3 of your phone lines + Call Forward Busy is ONLY installed on the last line of your hunt group, in this case Line #3.  The phone company representative should ask you 2 questions when you order this feature.  Question #1 should be “How many rings would you like the phone ring at your office before the phone call is Call Forwarded.  Most people have it forward after the 3rd ring.  Question #2 should be “What number would you like the phone call Call Forwarded to if you are unable to answer the phone within the preset number of rings?”

Compliments of Business Connections 24 hour Telephone Answering and Voice Mail Service.  For more information call 866-601-6115 or visit

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