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We ask every Employee three commitments:

1) A Commitment to our customers.  The basis of our business is providing service to our customers.  While you are employed at BUSINESS CONNECTIONS, INC. we ask that you make our customers your first priority.  They have entrusted to us their businesses and their reputations.  At all times, the answering of inbound calls, a professional and helpful attitude, accuracy and completeness of the message taken, and proper follow through in dispatching and delivering the messages should be the goal of every employee.

2) A Commitment to your Fellow Employees.  We only achieve our goals and provide excellent service to our customers if we work as a team.  This commitment involves being present and at your work station for every scheduled shift.  It means being on time so your co-workers are not required to handle your work load.  It means sharing your expertise and being helpful to a less experienced employee.  It means making sure that you are not away from your workstation except for authorized breaks and that you are back at your workstation at a specified time.  And it means occasionally extending yourself to work an extra shift now and then so that employees are not required to work “short-handed” in the event of an absence or perhaps a change in anticipated call traffic.

3) A Commitment to the Company.  We are BUSINESS CONNECTIONS, INC.  The health of our business and that of our clients, is entrusted directly to you.  In your hands we place the reputation of the company, the reputation of the management, the supervisors and every person who works or has worked for BUSINESS CONNECTIONS, INC.  We ask that you handle this repuation with care for it is very delicate and easily damaged.

When these commitments are demonstrated by every employee, then we truly have a team effort which will ensure the growth of our business.  For more information call 1-866-601-6115 or visit

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