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Patience – A lot of times people say one exposure to a positive or a negative event does not have any impact.  That is not true.  The difference may not be visible but something is happening.  When a bamboo tree is planted, watered and fertilized for the first four years, nothing appears to happen.  There is no visible sign of growth.  But sometime during the fifth year, the bamboo tree grows about 90 feet in six weeks.  The question is: Did the bamboo tree grow in six weeks or did it take five years to grow even though there was no visible sign it was taking root in the ground?  When there was no visible sign, if someone had stopped watering and fertilizing it, would this have happened?  The bamboo tree would have died.  We need to learn from nature and the lesson is pretty clear.  Have patience and faith and keep doing the right thing.  Even though the results may not be visible, something is happening.  From a Business Perspective focus on quality and your future will be bright.  It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is, Business Connections 24 hour Telephone Answering Service can help your business grow and prosper.  To find out more on how you can gain + maintain a competitive advantage over your competition call 1-866-601-6115 and ask for Dirk or Stu.  Remember that old saying – “You only get one chance to make a favorable first impression”.  Never underestimate the power of the personal touch.

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