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Our employees have been hired by our clients to be a professional telephone receptionist.  We have been in business since 1949 & have found that the words “Answering Service” leaves a bad taste in most peoples minds.  I believe this because of the unprofessionalism & uncaring attitudes that numerous answering services offer.  A good receptionist in an office doesn’t make the excuse “I’m just the office receptionist, do you want to leave a message?” It doesn’t take an excuse to get a message from a caller.  I bet a receptionist would be looking for a new job if she made an excuse like this.  Callers feel more comfortable leaving a message with a great receptionist.  If we’re asked who we are we respond “This is ______ , the telephone receptionist. Who’s calling please?” This answers the question and then starts us on the path to taking a quality message.  Most answering service’s allow their employees to say they are just the service.  It sounds terrible and it isn’t necessary to take a message.  We don’t want our clients leaving us to go to another service or worse yet to a recorder or voice mail.  If we don’t sound professional and take complete and accurate messages, that is just what they will do.  For more information regarding having our Professional Telephone Receptionists greet your callers please call 866-601-6115 or visit

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