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Our business is providing you, our customer, a hole, not the drill. Think about it. When you need to drill a hole in the wall, you ONLY WANT a hole in the wall. To get a hole in the wall you have a couple choices.

A. You call a carpenter, he makes a hole in the wall and you pay him for his time, expertise and the use of his tools.

B. You go to the local home improvement store you BUY a drill, a bit, an extension cord, you drive home and run an extension cord, drill the whole and then clean up your mess, and put the tools in the garage.

C. Find a store that will sell you a hole. Isn’t that what you really wanted to buy, just a hole, right.

That is what we sell, holes.

When you just want to have your telephone calls handled, it is just like the above scenario, you are looking to buy a hole, right? You do not want to hire additional people, train them, buy additional equipment, install it, etc. Ad nauseam.

So how does this link to Customer Service?

If you want your phone answered professionally, 24 hours a day, how many people are you going to need to hire? What if you only need it answered professionally 8 hours a day? Regardless, your employees will need to have someone at the phone every minute and answer every call within just a few rings to just capture all the calls and if you are running lean on employees, can they offer customer service in the form of professionally handled call and handle all the details of each call? If a customer is put on hold or senses that their call is a nuisance to the operator, what will their perception be about the rest of your company?

Your phone, in many calls, is the first impression of your company given to the customer. That first impression can never be changed. Are you willing to risk that?

Consider a 24 hour live answering service such as ours. Our people are trained and monitored. Their sole mission is to make that phone call experience for your customer one that is positive and professional. You can have our award winning services for as little as 9 cents per hour! Did I mention we have award winning services? Did I mention the award was International and Business Connections was presented with the 2009 Award of Excellence at ATSI’s 2009 Annual Convention held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the twelfth consecutive year.

The award is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry’s largest trade association for providers of call center services. After six months of intensive testing, an independent panel of judges scored call-handling skills such as courtesy, response time, accuracy and overall service to their clients, the four cornerstones of success in the call center and telephone answering service industry.   Business Connections Call Center was also certified by ATSI in April for meeting or exceeding high standards in business practices, life safety, operations, including normal and emergency procedures, personnel hiring, training and ongoing evaluations.  Business Connections Manager Dirk Moeller said, “In addition to Call Center Certification, we subscribe to Agility Recovery Solutions.  In the event of a fire or natural disaster Agility Recovery Solutions, within 48 hours of an interruption, will deliver any or all of our four key elements or recovery: Power, Technology, Space and Telephone Connectivity”.

About ATSI
The Association of TeleServices International was founded in 1942 as an international trade association representing telephone answering services.  ATSI now encompasses companies across the Globe offering specialized and enhanced operator based services including: call centers, contact centers, inbound order taking, voice mail and emergency dispatch.

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