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So, you want to grow your business, but you just can’t do it all. Consider hiring another company to handle your incoming and even outgoing calls. What you want, and need, is an organization that can provide outstanding customer service.

You have decided that you want to grow your business and you know you just can’t do it all. Your options are to hire more personnel, contract an independent company to do some of the work or re-purpose you existing personnel. How about a combination of the last two considerations. In re-purposing your existing personnel, consider hiring another company to handle your incoming and even outgoing calls. In addition to that, you want, and need an organization that can provide outstanding customer service.

To start the search process for that company as the right partner for your company, list the characteristics the people answering your phones should have. Obviously, good communication skills, great listening skills, someone who treats your customers with respect and a thorough understanding of your products and services.

First off, forget about voice mail, no one likes it. The only solution is a 24 hour live answering call center service. Finding the call center for your company can be challenging. In addition to your list of qualities, you’ll also want to make sure the call center you hire can:

Handle your call volume without your customers subject to long hold times, or worse, the always hated never-ending automated voice system loop with atrocious music.

Handle your calls with live operators 24/7, including weekends and holidays, if your business needs that level of service.

Handle your calls with multiple backup systems to ensure that your customers can reach someone live, even if the power is out and there’s inclement weather at their location.

A company that provides you with the ability to monitor calls at random. You will always want to quickly identify problems, make corrections and keep know what your customers are saying.

Once you’ve determined which call center is right for your business, you will need to provide them with the information they need to ensure their service meets your expectations. This will include; your expected call volume, hours of peak calls, your website, your email, the list of contact people at your company and all the pertinent information about your company.

You’ll need to provide at a minimum, reference materials to ensure the agents have an understanding of your business, product or service, and have access to the details they’ll need to handle customer calls effectively.

In conclusion, hiring a call center service can be a great advantage for growing your business IF you’ve taken your time to make sure you’ve hired a customer focused call center company with well trained and talented agents.

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