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Our average hold time is 30 seconds.”

At Business Connections our goal is to answer your telephone within the third ring or less. We achieve this goal within a 95% confidence level every day.  Another statistic we look at each day is how many calls we put on hold and how long callers wait on hold.  Over the past 6 months we’ve put 7% of callers on hold and this mostly occurs when we are performing a Warm Transfer to the requested person.  During this 6 month period the average hold time has been 30 seconds.

This is good information to know.  However, how many customers angry over their wait-time experience have been pacified by being told “your average wait-time is three minutes”?  The problem is, customers don’t “feel” averages.  They feel variation.  Average is like placing one of your feet on a hot bed of coals, and the other in a bucket of ice water.  On average, you should feel pretty comfortable.

Staffing enough people at the right time is the key to success.  Every day we print out a graph that shows the number of calls we handled in 30-minute increments and we are able to forecast our staffing requirements for the next day.  We utilize the fastest, most state of the art equipment and employ 28 Telephone Receptionists.  During the last 15 years our receptionists increased productivity 63% due to new technologies, and we’re providing much better service to your callers today.

Hiring Business Connections Answering Service allows you to focus on your core business of handling your clients’ legal matters.  To discuss warm transfer in further detail, please call 1-866-601-6115 and ask for Dirk Moeller

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