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Our goal is to connect potential new clients to an attorney.  Before we connect the caller (Warm Transfer ), we will obtain their name, telephone number and ask the following…

“Can you tell me a bit about your case?”

“Single Sentence Snap Shot of the case?”

“What kind of case is it?”

“In ten words or less, what happened?”

We will relay this information to you before connecting the call…

“I have Susan Smith who’s wishing to speak with you. She was injured yesterday while….”

The above information will help you better drive the discussion towards putting the caller at ease.  Since most new clients originate from the telephone, our receptionists can serve as an extension of your brand, even while you’re out of the office.  To discuss potential new client calls in further detail, please call 1-866-601-6115 and ask for Dirk Moeller.  Your largest settlement might be the next call we answer for you.

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