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“Potential new client calls are why Legal Receptionists are so valuable”

Since most new clients originate from a telephone call, we are committed (a little bit obsessive if need be) to reaching out to you when we are talking with a potential new client for your Law Firm.  Business Connections is staffed with polished, professional and articulate legal receptionists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

After we have a ‘snap shot’ of what the call is regarding, we’ll perform a ‘Warm Transfer’ to the attorney’s mobile phone (See below description of Warm Transfer).  Many of our clients set their smart phone with a special ring tone (Extra Loud to get their attention) for calls from Business Connections when we are performing a warm transfer.

The caller is reaching out to you for legal advice and most of the time he’s going to keep calling down the list until he feels invited and appreciated.  The 30 receptionists at Business Connections can be that Personal Link with your clients when you’re out of the office.

Warm Transfer – The act of transferring a call to someone in a polite and ‘warm’ fashion AFTER the caller meets your criteria of an urgent call.  Business Connections Receptionists will inform your caller “One Moment Please” and then announce to you, the caller’s name, company and a 4-5 word ‘Snap Shot’ of what the call is regarding BEFORE connecting the caller to you.  If you wish to talk with the caller, the receptionist will connect the caller to you.  If you prefer that the receptionist takes a message, we will return to the caller and say “Mr. ____ is unavailable at the moment.  What number can he reach you at later today?”

Benefits – World Class service to You and the Caller = Image of High Quality that translates to higher profits for your Law Firm.  Warm Transfer also helps you gather your composure when you know who is calling before actually talking with them…

Business Connections Receptionist – “Mr. ____.  I have Pamela who met you a few months ago at her daughters school event.  She’s looking to hire an attorney.  Would you like to speak with her?”

Mr. _____ – “Pamela, I’m so glad you called.  Tell me more about your situation”.  

What qualities do you want your law firm to represent to your current and prospective clients? Professionalism? Trust? Our 30 Legal Receptionists can serve as an extension of your brand and reinforce the same qualities your staff embodies on a daily basis.  One last question; You’re advertising, social media and marketing dollars work 24 hours a day.  Why not have your callers greeted by a professional legal receptionist 24 hours a day?  To discuss the return on investment of your precious advertising dollars, please call 1-866-601-6115 and ask for Dirk Moeller

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