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In business, you want your phone to be ringing off the hook. You also want someone there to answer the calls! It does little good to work so hard building your company only to have potential clients or customers shunted to voice mail or lost in automated systems. Many people, when in this situation, simply hang up. As you are growing your company, you depend on first-time customers.

When a customer or client wants to ask a quick question or schedule an appointment, there is no reason why he has to be on the phone navigating an automated voice mail menu for ten minutes. For small and growing businesses, hiring a person to do this can be cost-prohibitive. Business Connections Telephone Answering Service solves this dilemma by providing a receptionist without the overhead.

Present a Professional Image.  Work More Efficiently.  Drive Revenue (Missed Calls = Missed Revenue). 

Call 1-866-601-6115 today and ask for Dirk or Stuart Moeller.

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