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Organizations with the worst customer service will have a few customer service superstars. Great Organizations will just have more superstars. Do you wish you could Clone a few of your best employees and get rid of the worst employees? A business’ hiring process is just like when you’re rebuilding a sports team. You need to trade, waive, fire or retire the wrong players and bring in those that are more like your superstars.

A sports team never considers bringing in a bunch of average players. Championship teams analyze, measure and obsess about bringing in superstars so they can win the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, World Title, Nascar or Gold Medal. Great Businesses have discovered that investing extra effort in the hiring process is more fun and more profitable. If you believe the purpose of business is to make money and the purpose of money is to do good keep reading.

Eleven years ago while attending a business conference there was a session on Personality Tests. The presenter held up the results of a 1 hour personality test taken by 2 air plane pilots. Both pilots were very good at their jobs. Test results from the 2 pilots were vastly different. One pilot was a fighter pilot. The other was an Airline pilot. Pilot A scored high in manageability, accommodating and sociability. Pilot B scored low in these areas. Pilot B had a higher energy level, higher assertiveness, higher decisiveness and was more independent. Pilot A was the successful Airline pilot. Pilot B was the successful Fighter Pilot. They both fly planes. One is a people person. The other enjoys being by himself and the adventure of blowing things up and confronting dangerous situations.

At this meeting I invested $2,000 for this program and we tested 3 people at Business Connections that I’d like to clone. All new applicants take the 60 minute test and we compare the applicants results with our 3 model employees. At our Call Center we want people who score high in Accommodating, Manageability, and Attitude. Since our Call Center handles inbound customer service calls, our best employees are not highly assertive, decisive or independent.

The program has increased our profits, customer satisfaction and made it more fun to run the business. The people we’ve hired over the past 10 years have had that “Customer Service Gene”. To find out more about personality tests, call 214-484-2010 and ask for Bernie or Brenda of Profiles on the Web. To find out more about having your clients greeted by a Friendly, Professional Person 24 hours a day call 1-866-601-6115 and ask for Dirk or Stu.

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