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The act of transferring a call to someone in a polite and “warm” fashion AFTER the caller asks for a specific person.  Business Connections Receptionists will inform your caller “One Moment Please” and then announce to you, the callers name and company BEFORE connecting the caller to you.  If you wish to talk with the caller, the receptionist will connect the caller to you.  If you prefer that the receptionist takes a message, we will return to the caller and say “Mr. ____ is unavailable at the moment.  What number can he reach you at later today?”

Benefits – Image is very important.  The “5-star or 1st Class” image that Warm Transfer will present will help your business profits grow.  Warm Transfer also helps you gather your composure when you know who is calling before actually talking with them…

Business Connections Receptionist – “Mr. ____.  Ihave Susan with XYZ corporation asking for you.”

Mr. _____ – “Susan, I was thinking about you earlier today and I’m so glad you called”.  

To discuss warm transfer in further detail, please call 1-866-601-6115 and ask for Dirk Moeller

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